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Editorial Reviews. Review. Igoa brings us to the understanding that academic achievement can The Inner World of the Immigrant Child 1st Edition, Kindle Edition. by.
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    Igoa had the opportunity to run a pull-out center for immigrant children. An immigrant child herself, she recognized the overwhelming sense of hopelessness and helplessness of children who felt unable to express themselves in their mainstream classrooms, thus blocking their progress in moving forward in their new world.

    click In the book, Dr. Presently she is working on an epilogue for a new edition of the book that will include the findings of a 15 year longitudinal study of some of the immigrant children. The voices of these now young adult immigrants will help parents, teachers and other immigrant children worldwide understand that quickly getting up to grade level reading skills in a new language is indeed a challenge, but not an insurmountable one given a systematic approach such as the one Dr.

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    Add to Wishlist Add to Wishlist. This powerful book tells the story of one teacher's odyssey to understand the inner world of immigrant children, and to create a learning environment that is responsive to these students' feelings and their needs. Featuring the voices and artwork of many immigrant children, this text portrays the immigrant experience of uprooting, culture shock, and adjustment to a new world, and then describes cultural, academic, and psychological interventions that facilitate learning as immigrant students make the transition to a new language and culture.

    Particularly relevant for courses dealing with multicultural and bilingual education, foundations of education, and literacy curriculum and instruction, this text is essential reading for all teachers who will -- or currently do -- work in today's school environment. More info here.

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