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The Beginner's Guide to Natural Living is a straightforward, well-researched, comprehensive and easy to understand step-by-step guide to the.
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Is it adding any value to your life at all or is it just taking up space?


When you get to know the items in your life, you start to learn your buying patterns. Get the ultimate guide on decluttering the zero waste way which helps you share the things you no longer use. Related: How to Join the Sharing Economy. Perhaps donating all your unused clothes to a thrift shop is a good option.

You can also give away some items as gifts to your loved ones. Or, perhaps create a free mini library using the books you no longer read. There are so many creative ways to get rid of the items that no longer serve a purpose in your life, without being wasteful. Do you have an elaborate eco-friendly skin care routine routine at night or in the morning?

When you clean your home does it take you hours because you use so many different products? Whatever routine you have, try to find ways simplify it so you can do them more efficiently. You might even gain some extra time for yourself too! One or two really great, multi-purpose cleaning products are more than enough, like an all-purpose cleaner or my magic tub scrub that has rave reviews! For more easy, zero-waste and eco-friendly cleaning recipes be sure to check out my book Ways to Go Zero Waste.

Often times, we have lots of wants like a pair of trendy overalls, an avocado saver, a strawberry slicer, a new tea kettle, or dress etc. Ask yourself what will they do for your happiness once you achieve them? Keep in mind material items only tend to grant us happiness for a brief amount of time. This is a great study on how fleeting happiness can be after buying something.

Get inspired with a huge list of experiences to buy instead of a new pair of shoes! With all your extra free time, write out a few goals for you to achieve. Maybe you want to go back to painting or voice lessons or pick up the piano again! Simplify your goals by narrow it down to just one or two to start. Personally, I like to write down my little goals for the day in a notebook and check them off. This helps me feel satisfied when I accomplish my tasks, and helps me to break big goals learn french or how to play the piano into a more manageable task like practice for 30 minutes.

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Also, having smaller day-to-day goals helps keep you in tune with the present moment, rather than living for something in the future. It keeps you grounded to the here and now, which is important in minimalism. What could you be doing with that time instead?

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Perhaps going to get your dog groomed every week is cutting in on time you could spend playing with them. After all, as we grow, our hobbies and interests can change. That applies to your schedule, too. In order to live a conscious life, you have to be able to see all that you have. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. What if Christmas Get her free e-book " 10 Ways to Reduce Trash " by signing up to her newsletter and learn how to reduce your waste today. When you go minimalist, and stop focusing so much on the material world, you can: Live moment by moment Pursue your dreams and passions Discover your calling Improve your relationships Focus on healthy living Contribute to the world Eliminate discontent Consume less These are just a few benefits you receive from going minimalist.

A Review of Larry Cook’s Book ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Natural Living’ – Myles Power

My goal is to exchange the mostly used products first and continue replacing products with cleaner, safer ones as budget allows and I find better options. I started using essential oils over 5 years ago because I was in search of a natural remedy for my sons warts.

The dermatologist wanted to refer him to another specialist to have them surgically removed. My gut instinct was NO! Oregano Oil in particular for warts because of its active ingredient carvacrol, and the amazing wide range of health benefits that it offers to kill viruses and infections. I ordered the Oregano Oil and it totally worked to get rid of the warts! This started my love of oils.

Natural Living Journey

You need to be cautious where you purchase oils too. I personally use Young Living. Fakes are made too.

I liked the idea of a nice smelling home without the use of candles or plugins. The headache is almost immediate when I walk into a room with a strong fragrance. The stronger it is the worse my headache will get. Once I started diffusing essential oils, my home smelled great and no more candle headaches. Now I use oils for many things.

Tips for transitioning to Natural Living

Earlier this year I had a small rash on my neck. It itched, looked like hives in some places and eczema in others. It lasted about 2 weeks then went away. It returned about a month ago even worse. On both sides of my neck, wrists and hands. Of course I googled pictures and it appeared to be eczema. After a trip to my Internal doctor then a referral visit to the dermatologist 3 days later, eczema was the diagnosis.

He called it an explosion of eczema. At least not that I was aware. The dermatologist immediately said to remove all products containing fragrance. I was given a steroid shot, and a prescription for steroid pills and cream.