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6 songs: 1. Nachtigall 2. Auf dem Schiffe 3. Entführung 4. Dort in den Weiden steht ein Haus 5. Komm bald 6. Trennung. Sheet central: Six.
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Helen Hopekirk Ed Helen Hopekirk. Hugo Wolf Hugo Wolf. Songs of the Civil War Irwin Silber. Wie Melodien zieht es mir 2. Immer leiser wird mein Schlummer 3. Klage 4. Auf dem Kirchhofe 5.

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Auf dem See 3. Es hing der Reif 4.

Brahms-Album : Ausgewählte Lieder für eine Singstimme mit Klavierbegleitung

Meine Lieder 5. An die Stolze 2. Salamander 3. Denn es gehet dem Menschen wie dem Vieh 2. Ich wandte mich und sahe 3. Kommt dir manchmal in den Sinn 8. Gar lieblich hat sich gesellet 4. Die Sonne scheint nicht mehr 6. Da unten im Tale 7. Gunhilde lebte gar stille und fromm Second Set 8.

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Es ritt ein Ritter Maria ging aus wandern Third Set Nur ein Gesicht auf Erden lebt Es ging ein Maidlein zarte Fourth Set Der Reiter spreitet seinen Mantel aus Ich stand auf hohem Berge Es reit ein Herr und auch sein Knecht Fifth Set All mein Gedanken Dort in den Weiden steht ein Haus Soll sich der Mond nicht heller scheinen Sixth Set Es wohnet ein Fiedler Du mein einzig Licht Des Abends kann ich nicht schlafen gehn Es steht ein Lind Es stunden drei Rosen Dem Himmel will ich klagen Es war einmal ein Zimmergesell Es ging sich unsre Fraue Die Nachtigall 3.

Die Henne 4. Der Mann 6. Das Schlaraffenland 8. Beim Ritt auf dem Knie 9.

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Wiegenlied Weihnachten Der Reiter 7. Die heilige Elisabeth an ihrem Hochzeitsfeste 8. Der englische Gruss 9. Ich stund an einem Morgen Gunhilde Der tote Gast Schifferlied Nachtgesang Scheiden Altes Minnelied Die Versuchung Der Tochter Wunsch Schnitter Tod Marias Wallfahrt Es ritt ein Ritter wohl durch das Ried Liebeslied Die Wollust in den Maien Es reit' ein Herr und auch sein Knecht show more. Up to a decade ago I was performing many Brahms Lieder recitals, and was also playing concerts with cellist Monika Gaggia, who premiered the arrangements.

We presented them in several concerts in Upper Austria. These are not just transcriptions oradpations of the original songs, but real arrangements where the motivic material is shared by both instruments, and in some cases, it is extended as in developing variations.

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I changed the original key of some of the songs to one that may suit better the qualities of the cello. Her expectations of a wedding are high. I wanted to give each of the song's three strophes a varied ambience, therefore each repetition is in a different tonality D, G and C major. I recommend both cellist and pianist to get acquainted with the original song, easy to find in the internet. See also Peters Edition, Dover Ed.

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Brahms Dort in der Weide There in the willows Op. Much that seemed hopeful earlier in the year now seems to have reverted to its former pessimistic position. It will be the middle of August before the couple see each other again.

Schumann experiences a spasm of jealousy concerning the musicologist Gustav Schilling who will publish a major musical encyclopaedia whom he believes is in love with Clara. In March Robert definitively decides that neither he nor his newspaper will fit into Viennese life; by 8 April he is back in Leipzig. There is little enduring that has come from this Viennese excursion apart from Faschingsschwank aus Wien Op 26 and the Drei Romanzen Op Robert initiates this long process on 16 July, something of a Rubicon. In late August the couple are able to see each other again at last.

Clara lives in Berlin at this time, and Schumann visits her there whenever he is able. He makes a long deposition, the first of a series, accusing Schumann of everything from unreliability to drunkenness and the composer refutes these allegations with character references of his own.

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It is a sordid and protracted business. On 2 October Wieck once more fails to appear before the court. In November Robert suffers nervous exhaustion and a swelling of the left arm. Clara and Robert, as well as Wieck, make a court appearance on 18 December. The verdict of the court is awaited in the New Year. Robert believes that if he were to have a doctoral degree it would help his case, and this is duly awarded him, honoris causa, by the University of Jena on 24 February. It may be too early to celebrate, but he clearly feels that victory is in the air. As a result, surely, from the beginning of February there is a veritable outbreak, perhaps the greatest of its kind in the history of song, of new and inspired compositions for voice and piano.

February While Clara is in Hamburg giving concerts in February, and suffering from the greatest nervousness and disquiet, Schumann gives himself over to song composing, not only in assembling the numbers for Myrthen but writing so many other songs that they seem part of an unstoppable flood of creativity—some of them planned to be parts of bigger works or cycles, others offshoots and shavings from the bench, but of a very superior kind. From 4 September Robert is with Clara in Weimar. The young married couple begin a Marriage Diary where they can write down their feelings and impressions.

They are happily ensconced in an apartment in Leipzig 3, Inselstrasse which will be their home for the following four years. Clara plays a Chopin Piano Concerto in the same concert. May—July Having already written the Phantasie in A minor for piano and orchestra that will later become the first movement of the Piano Concerto Schumann works on a second Symphony in D minor.

He later sketches a C minor Symphony. Neither work is completed. The composer Schumann suffers pangs of loneliness and studies the string quartets of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven. This will become a pattern of the marriage—the composer soon realizes that he has far less of a public profile than his famous piano-playing wife. June Schumann works on his three string quartets Op Many of the songs composed in are published at this time Opp 36, 39, He agrees to teach at the Leipzig Konservatorium.

He completes the work in May and it is given its first performance in December when he makes a successful debut as a conductor. One can only imagine that his fears about the marriage have been placated by the birth of two healthy grandchildren. They are in Saint Petersburg by 4 March and stay there almost a month, becoming friendly with the brothers Nikolai and Anton Rubinstein.

The couple are back in Leipzig by 24 May. Hans Christian Andersen visits the composer in Leipzig. August Clara now also joins the teaching staff of the Conservatorium. Dichterliebe Op 48 is published and Robert continues with work on his Faust-Szenen.

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September—October Despite a holiday in the Harz mountains Robert feels unwell and he suffers a number of anguished and sleepless nights. November First meeting with the thirteen-year-old violinist Joseph Joachim — December The Schumanns take their leave of Leipzig with a farewell concert at which the Piano Quartet in E flat major is given its first performance.

Brahms - Dort in den Weiden - Op. 97/4 - Violoncello Solo

On 15 December they move to Dresden and take up residence there at Waisenhausstrasse No 6. He writes to Mendelssohn confessing the terrible state of his mental health and his ongoing anxiety attacks. When hearing the opera for the first time in November he favourably revises his opinion as to its worth. He initiates a new series of subscription concerts in Dresden with Ferdinand Hiller as conductor.